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Volleyball American William Morgan, by 1895, the U.S. bulundu.Morgan YMCA by an association as a member of youth sports to make this game geliştirmiştir.Morgan, this play basketball a less physical contact, requiring a game to create a basketball, baseball, tennis and handball to brought together some of the features of this game and was named MINTONETTE.

Morgan borrowed the net from tennis, and to place it around 183 cm. slightly above average human height raising çıkarmıştır.1896 Congress convened in the YMCA College in Springfield Dr. VOLLEYBALL Mintonette name has changed.

Because it is important to bring the ball back and forward, and this means in English volley. As a volleyball game at first A.B.D. görülmüştür.1900 in business by playing fields for basketball in Canada became the first country to adopt an international organization and the YMCA led to the spread of volleyball in the world and also in the same year, the ball is designed specifically for volleyball. In 1913 the first international tournament and the tournament has been held in Asia, China has joined Japan and the Philippines.

In the Philippines in 1916, raising the ball at an angle shot by other players in the form of a style that was developed for hücüma. First arrived in Europe in World War A.B.D. troops began to promote volleyball and YMCA in 1917 member A.B.D. götürmüşlerdir.1917 troops in Czechoslovakia to France in this sport for betting on the game score from 21 to 15 years düşürülmüştür.2.13 başlamıştır.Aynı the net height in meters in 2:43 m yükseltilmiştir.1918 number of players on the field is limited to six players.

Volleyball in Poland in 1920 started to play the game rules are different in each country but in Asia as belirlemiştir.Örneğin volleyball and low net with nine other people in the oynanmıştır.1922 'against each team throw the ball to three strokes after the decision was taken.

Y.M.C.A. first time in 1922 Brooklyn Newyorkta national championship teams with the participation of 11 states was 27. Need to conduct the tournament in 1928 and was seen and USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) kurulmuştur.Voleybol area outside of the YMCA team expansion has been realized for the first time U.S. outdoor game.

Beach volleyball duo was the first time in 1930. Approved in 1934 and the same year the national volleyball referees Stocholm'de IAHF (International Handball Federation) Congress established a technical committee in the Polish president has proposed and established.

II during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. And the establishment of an international committee of Congress made the decision verilmiştir.Ancak 2 This initiative has influenced the outbreak of World War.

Amateur Sports Association meeting in Boston in 1937, USA The national volleyball federation official, as the administrative organization adopted. Rules applied in the United States in 1938 with small changes in international rules were adopted.

International Volleyball Federation at the international congress in Paris in 1947, has been identified. This is the first member states of the federation, the United States, Brazil, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Egypt, Portugal, Poland, Uruguay and Yugoslavia is.

• beach volleyball tournament was held in 1948, the first pair.
• 1949 was the first world championship in Prague in Czechoslovakia.
• Olympique Marseille in 1961, branches were considered.
• Tokya'da the Olympics in 1964 in the Olympic men's and women's volleyball matches and was put into the program.
• In 1964 Tokya'da women can participate in a one-off events were decided.
• In 1966, he decided not to participate in the Olympics for women in Prague has been removed.
• 1974 World Championships in Mexico were published in Japan from television.
• In 1987, the international volleyball federation has taken the world beach volleyball series in the program.
• 1989 International Volleyball Federation volleyball program created to help.
• World League was founded in 1990.
• In 1992, four persons in the U.S. professional league began beaches.
• volleyball in 1995 at the age of 100.
• Olympic beach volleyball duo in 1996, the program has taken.


Volleyball in Turkey in 1919, introduced to Turkey by Americans who Dr.DEAVER getirilmiştir.Bu sport between 1919-1925 YMCAüyesidir.Dr.Deaver named YMCA Having served as director and said the association started in the gym volleyball competitions Çarşıkapı'daki have attracted the interest of Istanbul and rahbet görmüştür.Aynı Cağaloğlu'nda time in the Male Teachers School physical education teacher Tarcan Selim Sirri, YMCA associations play in the volleyball interest in and to the students of this sport öğretmiştir.1920-1924 between the Selim Sırrı Tarcan'ın has trained teachers, volleyball teacher, served as the location for this sport took it, spread the cause have been.

In istanbul, all schools (Kabatas, Galatasaray, Fidelity, Istanbul L.) volleyball soccer than prioritize gelmiştir.Bu high schools graduate, and oldest engineering school in the days and volleyball from 1924 to 1944 years here as a symbol of state have brought him in Istanbul championships interest has been.
Yapıldı.Bu championship volleyball championship in 1949, Turkey Beyoglu, GS, Golden Horde, Fashion, Independence, Fidelity, joined clubs in Kadikoy. Ayhan Demir was taken to Egypt in 1952, and the modern university volleyball team, was encountered.

Played games with our country in 1953, Yugoslavia began to change our system and by participating in the 1956 World Volleyball Championship for the first time about the world, have knowledge about the rules is investigated. Meanwhile, the Yugoslav coach was brought to our country began to teach our young people of modern volleyball.

Turkish Volleyball Federation
Istanbul championships held regularly since 1928, Turkey's volleyball championship to be held since the 1949 International Volleyball Federation has become a member başlanmıştır.Türkiye 1948.

Despite this situation, our country has not been established in a separate federation, Volleyball, Basketball, and administrations in Federation hands edilmiştir.Kulüplerde ball sports games basketball teams often come together and established the softball team.
In 1958, the authorities allocated federations 'Volley Ball and Hand' kurmuşlardır.Bu federation has been a big step.

In 1958, the first male European championship teams, our other years in the sport in almıştır.Kız team in 1963 played the European Championships katılmıştır.1967 at 35 teams with the participation of the European championships in our country to organize the modern volleyball in our country to spread yielded.

Turkey, in 1998 qualifiers for the first time through the World Volleyball Championships in Japan participated.


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